David Elford Holding Co Ltd

Water is supplied via two separate systems covering the 30 share strata

Contact: John Gahn - Operator: (250)539-3673
Website: none
MIIWSS Member:

• Area Serviced within Letter Patent boundary: Razor Point Road
• Storage tanks: 2 (1200 gallons and 3000 gallons)

Dark Horse Road water system  
Number of Connections: 15
Number of Wells: 1
Houghquie Wynd Water System  
Number of Connections: 9
Number of Wells: 1
2016 Water Fees: All water metered at a charge of $0.02 per imperial gallon.
Water Restrictions: Well water for in-house use only.
Rainwater collection for all exterior uses.
AGM: January or February
Special Levies: none listed

Lyall Harbour/Boot Cove Local Water Service Committee

Please refer to CRD website for current information: www.crd.bc.ca

Contact: For water rates please contact dlazaro@crd.bc.ca
Website: www.crd.bc.ca
MIIWSS Member:

Old Point Farm

Location: North West side of Saturna Island Streets served: Co-op area,
Farrows Rd and Old Point Rd

Contact: Hugh Grasswick (250) 539-5910
MIIWSS Member:

Number of Lots: 28
Number of Connections: 20
Number of Wells: 3
2016 Water Taxes: co-op funded as needed
Water Restrictions: No landscape watering.
All dwellings required to have low flow toilets
AGM: 2nd Saturday in November
Special Levies: none

Saturna Shores Improvement District

Location: east side of Saturna
Streets serviced: East Point Road

Contact: Lee Middleton, Chair saturnashoresimpdistrict@gmail.com
MIIWSS Member:


Lee Middleton, Chair
Bob Fuller
Cy Tardiffe

Number of Lots: 18
Number of Connections: 16
Number of Wells: 2
2016 Water Taxes: $500.00
Water Restrictions: hand held watering only.
No swimming pools.
AGM: August Holiday Weekend
Special Levies: none