Cobble Hill Improvement District

District Office: 1486 Fisher Road, Cobble Hill, BC
Mailing Address:
PO Box 27, Cobble Hill, BC V0R 1L0
Telephone: 250-743-2861 Fax: 250-743-9906
Corporate Administrator: Robin Brett

Contact: Robin Brett, Corporate Administrator


Rob Reid (Chair),
Harry Benson,
Bob Brooke,
Brian Fox,
Jens Liebgott

Cobble Hill Improvement District is located on the west side of the Trans Canada Highway. Its boundaries encompass the land lying mainly between Hutchinson Road to the south, Fisher Road to the north, Cobble Hill Road on the west and the Trans Canada Highway on the east, including the Village of Cobble Hill itself.

Streets serviced within Letters Patent are:
Ball Road Bonner Crescent Cobble Hill Road
Dougan Drive Fairfield Road Fisher Road
Galliers Road Garland Avenue Heigh Street
Holland Avenue Hutchinson Road Learning Way
Princess Avenue Princess Avenue Regent close
Regent Place Trans Canada Hwy Turner Lane
Twin Cedars Drive Watson Avenue  
Number of lots: 370
Number of Connections: 243 water useres
Number of Wells: 2
2016 Water Taxes: $175.00
2016 Water Tolls: Water in excess of 8,000 gallons charged on an ascending scale
2016 Connection Fees: Capital Expenditure Charge $4,500.00
Deposit for meter and installation $ 300.00
Administration fee: (per lot)  $ 50.00
Water Restrictions: June 1st to October 1st: Stages 1 through 4 restrictions
AGM: beginning of May
Special Levies: none

Mill Bay Waterworks District

District Office: 875 Deloume Road, Mill Bay, BC
Mailing Address:
PO Box 58, Mill Bay, BC V0R 2P0
Telephone: 250-743-9023 Fax: 250-743-9065

Contact: District Administrator: Donna Michiel
Administrative Assistant:
Sandy Kresse


Paul Laraman (Chairman),
Robert Dluhosh,
Paul Chmielewski,
John Craddock,
Bob Story.

Service Area
The Mill Bay Waterworks District services the core area of Mill Bay, including Brentwood College; the Mill Bay Centre; Mill Bay Marina; through to Sentinel Ridge off of Frayne Road; Deer Park, Mill Springs, Tim Hortons Mall (Mill Bay Square), Pioneer Square, to Frances Kelsey Secondary School. The District continues to grow and the boundaries currently extend beyond the areas mentioned above, and development is currently planned in those areas.

Number of lots: 879
Number of Connections: 757 water useres (including 19 commercial customers)
Number of Wells: 10
2016 Water Taxes: $102.00 - Residential Parcel Tax
$153.00 - Commercial Parcel Tax
2016 Water Tolls: Water Rates Bylaw
2016 Connection Fees: Capital Expenditure Charge $4,000.00 (residential)
Meter installation $ 525.00
Administration fee: (new accounts)  $ 25.00
Water Restrictions: June 1st to September 30th
AGM: End of March
Special Levies: none

1,200,000 Litre Reservoir 546,000 Litre Reservoir 546,000 Litre Reservoir

Mill Bay Improvement District’s Reservoirs