Montague Improvement District

An Improvement District supplying some residential properties near Montague Harbour, specifically Montague Road (3220 to 3470), Montague Park Road (20 to 479), and Clanton Road (the SW side).

Website: none
MIIWSS member: yes


David Bass - Chair
Ian Tepoorten-Swan - Secretary and Treasurer
Terry Chalmer
Brenda Gash

Two storage tanks, each 4160 imperial gallons - distributed by gravity
Usage in excess of 4500 gallons charged on an ascending scale

Number of Connections: 32
Number of Wells: 2
2016 Water Fees: $425.00
Water Restrictions: June to September: no washing cars or boats, no lawn or garden sprinkling.
AGM: Held in April. Contact for current date, time and location.
Special Levies: none


Spotlight Cove

Contact: Manager 
Website: none
MIIWSS member: yes

•Reservior: 1000 Gal underground tank

Number of Connections: 7
Number of Wells: 1
2016 Water Fees: $200.00 with a supplemental payment as required
Water Restrictions: Domestic use only.
Special Levies: none


Sticks-Allison Water Service (CRD)

Contact: Genny Laronde - Operator 
Website: none
MIIWSS member: yes

•Local Water Service Committee Chair: Douglas Knight

Number of Lots: 37
Number of Connections: 33